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Hello everyone, looking into using PI metal detector to search for gold in Minnesota. I have a couple of questions that maybe you guys can help with:

1) Is the PI still the best metal detector? I work in sound field and we can do all sorts of interesting stuff like beam forming and acoustic holography which can tell you what frequency, amplitude, and the exact location of the a sound source. In other words I can tell which person is talking if there are more than one person without a microphone on each person. Is there anything out there like this?

2) Has anyone done any prospecting in MN? I have heard of a two places but have never run into anyone actually doing prospecting. Does this mean, there isn't much here? Has anyone else heard of any MN locations?

I would appreciate any other hints or suggestions you guys might have.

Much thanks!


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here is a link I found by doing a google search on minnesota gold mining with some info. http://www.goldfeverprospecting.com/migodi.html

another search item;


I thought i saw on youtube once about a mining company called red dragon, but had no luck just now searching for it.

Good luck to you, and you might try panning or sluice after checking regulations.

I was born in minnesota so have an interest. Although spent last 57 years in california.

Oh, and welcome to my favorite forum, too. :icon_mrgreen:

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Glacial gold is found in a number of states in the Midwest. I know a couple members of a local gem and mineral club here in St Louis that have panned a few grains from streams in mid-central Missouri. I know another person in N Indiana who pans for gold whenever he can and has a couple grams to show for it after eight or nine years of panning.

There was another person from Michigan who belonged to this forum and had the same idea you had who purchased a Gold Bug 2 but he never found anything with it. Truth is - glacial gold is very small and about the only way to recover it is with a pan,sluice box, highbanker,etc. Mike gave you the best advice when it comes to that area and buying a metal detector is pretty much a waste of money. Now- if you are within few hours driving distance of the placer areas or lode gold mines north of you in Canada, that's another story but you'll need to do all kinds of research to find out where to go as well as get permission where needed.


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