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Holbrook skunk gone

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Greetings everyone,

Well, I finally found some time to post this message. Some three weeks ago, Silver Dog Doug and I went to Holbrook to hunt for some meteoites. This was my third trip with no success on the first two. I was determined to find one of these little rascals. I have to admit that on the first two trips I was being hard headed and insist on using my metal detector. :icon_mrgreen:

This time I took Silver Dog's suggestion and hunt with a magnetic cane along with using my eyes. Success! In the a.m. I found 2 small stones weighing 5.2 and 1.9 grams. In the afternoon I found a really nice size meteorite weighing in at 13.4 grams. This stone has five sides, two with broken ends and 3 with reminants of the fusion crust. Really nice. :whoopie: A happy camper and the skunk is gone. Check them out.



Keep on a hunting,


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Outstanding!! Those are some nice Holbrooks...13.4 grams! Wow! Congrats on your hunt. Good hunting.


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Bob, Super Nice Finds, :whoopie: And quite large, based on the average finds lately. I had been wondering whether or not to use the metal detector when I finally got out there, guess not. Excellent Work!!! See Ya Out There :icon_mrgreen: Clifton

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Those finds are very nice! good size! My 23 gram Holbrook has the exact shape as that 13 gram stone, i had to check my collection to see if I didn't loose it in the field for you to refind..... lol


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