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Really new guy with probably thesame ol questions...

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Curious if anybody knows what the largest meteorite is, that has been found in northern Arizona?? If someone finds one what sould one do? Keep it, sell it or give it to a collection someplace like a university?

Hope you all are having a great weekend...very windy up here!!!!

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First, you could do some research and get the answer...which would be a good learning experience. Second, a book could be written about the issue of ownership. Third, the biggest pieces of N Az meteorite most likely came from the Meteor Crater which was claimed(?) as a iron/nickel deposit...there are many pieces of circa 1900 tools with some part of Canyon Diablo in them...I doubt they kept records of the sizes as I don't believe the owners knew the nickel iron came from a meteorite at the time it was being mined...these are the facts according to my less than perfect recollection.

There is a reference in Ninninger's book of a surveyor that "found" a very large meteorite but never did anything with the info...an iron meteorite big as a car as I recall...this could be a great treasure hunt for someone...but first you would have to read a book...


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I have done a little research on the net. I did see one that was about 1400 lbs, was found in Kansas, But I am interesteed in N. Ariz, I do see there is one in a private collection at about 114. Didn't see anything on the one big as a car, I will have ot check that out. I just wondered if any say in the 150 to 250 range are out there. Just thought all you experts might have some knowlage, I appreciate the post so far. You all have a great day..

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