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Whites Gmt question

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I have the GMT and the stock coil. I've found small pickers which are actually huge for anything I've found on the claim I'm at this week. I'm wondering if the 4x6 or any other small coil would or is sensitive enough to get signals. on the flour gold here . What do you all think and do any of you use the nGMT with the 4x9 or even the 9" hotfoot?

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Optimally tuned, with the stock 10x6 DD coil, the GMT can find surface gold flakes as small as 1/10th grain. Using the 6x4, maybe 1/20th of a grain. The real virtue of the 6x4 is being able to get into places too small for the 10x6. I use, and like them both. For flat, open spaces, stick with the 10x6. HH Jim

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I have used the 4x6 alot in a patch I have. It does a good job on very small and sneaky gold. What it doesnt do well is cover ground..It also doesnt get the greatest depth but Im very happy with it. Does well around hot rocks and in a hydraulic area,it does real well.... :twocents:


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