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Need advise on Meteorite hunting in Southern California

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I saw the Meteorite Man on the Science channel and said to my self "This is the kind of thing I could get into, and my friend will love it too!"

About and hour later my friend Dan came over for our regular Wednesday night pool match and when I mentioned it to him he got about as excited about the idea as I already was.

We both have metal detectors and we both are anxious to get started, so as the more research inclined of the two of us here I am asking all the stupid questions I can think of.

Where do I have to go in or around Los Angeles, California to look for meteorites.

We live in Simi Valley which is about 65 miles North West of L.A.

We are about 35 miles West of Edwards Air Force Base and the Shuttle makes it's double sonic boom directly over my house when it has to land at Edwards.

Any help or good advise will be greatly appreciated.

We want to go out on our 1st hunt this Saturday if possible.

Are we crazy or what?

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Hi Tom,

You have passed the first requirement ("Are we crazy or what"). Yes you are. Buy the book Rocks From Space. It is the Bible that you will live and breathe if you want to find meteorites. When you have read it cover to cover, (the first time) you will be prepared for your first hunt. Everything you need to know is in that one book. There are other things but, that's where to start.

"When you can walk this rice-paper and leave no trace, you will have learned"


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Hi Tom, As Homefire said, the desert is a great place to look. A few things are important to have, A GPS and digital camera, in case you find one. A neodynium magnet on a pole, or golf club etc., (don't ever get the magnet close to the GPS or camera) The rest is common sense, hat, sunscreen, way enough water to walk out it all the way back. A digging tool, a pick-mattock is good to have.

For a magnet pole I use a 3/4 round by 2 inch neodynium cylinder, packaging taped on the end of 3/4 wooden dowel about 48 inches long, which is over kill. Others use a square magnet on the end of golf club, or on the end of a steel mattock.

Metorite hunding is great, but kinda like fishing, if you find one it's great, if you don't, it was still a great day out and about. Be persistent, don't get discouraged. If you find one it's important, and it needs to be recorded, documented, even put in your will so it's not lost to science. Good Luck Hunting! Clifton

Magnet site.


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