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Canyon Diablo Meteorite

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Yo All...This weekend Dodacious and I went to the Meteorite Crater....Got me all excited...I ended up buying a beautiful Canyon Diablo, about 27 grams (right, below)and also a Campo del Cielo 3.5 grams (left) at an awesome store south of Holbrook at the 180 turnoff....It got me to wondering if it is possible to hunt the area around the Meteorite Crater? Also, is the strewnfield for the Holbrook meteorite public knowledge or is it sorta like someone's special patch?

I think they saw me coming on the Campo meteorite...paid about three times what it seems to be worth, but did ok on the Canyon Diablo. Thanks for any info. Cheers, Unc



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Hi Ron,

The Canyon Diablo and the Campo are nice additions to your collection. Unfortunately, no, you can't hunt on the Barringer Company land around the crater or any of the State of Arizona Land around the crater. If you can find an owner of some of the private ranch land that will take a percerntage or fee basis-hunting, go for it. As far as the Holbrook strewnfield, it's not exactly public knowlege. Is it someone's special patch? Not really. Don't bother to bring a detector to Holbrook though, won't find squat that way. By the way, did you take the tour where you can hike down into the crater? It's really cool!


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Thanks for the info, Ben...We didn't take the tour...The wind was blowing about 80 MPH...Literally...Outside on the observation decks folks were actually hanging on to railings, posts and benches to keep from being blown over...Wind blew Dodie's glasses off twice...Cheers, Ron

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