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Nice weather yesterday. I went out to a well worked Roadrunner claim and it was one of those days when everything is clicking, metal detector (GPX 4000) picking up metal that wouldn't even register on the scale and my hearing them loud and clear and finding gold in a wash that had been worked by hundreds of prospectors. The gold weigh in at 2.4 grams largest one at 1.4 grams. A knife blade, an old bullet, and I think part of a sheep shear.

post-3658-1244479263_thumb.jpg post-3658-1244479278_thumb.jpg

post-3658-1244479294_thumb.jpg post-3658-1244479306_thumb.jpg

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It sure is sweet when everything is clicking.

OL'29er :coffeetime:

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Grandpa John: You just have proved once again that timing in life is everything. Congrats on being in the right spot at the right time. Those yellow things sure are pretty.

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I beat myself and the ground up good today for hours an could'nt turn up a nug. Right in an area that my buddy just got a 7 an a 4 grammer.

Grampa John your're doin FINE :headphones: :icon_mrgreen: keep it up.

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