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Delorme GPS PN 20/PN 40

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Hello All,

I know there was a general post a few weeks ago about various handheld GPS units and which were the best. Seemed like many folks had differing opinions, like fords and chevrolets.............

In doing a lot of research over the last few weeks, I have tentatively decided on the PN 20, primarily for its mapping capabilities. However, when I went to Amazon.com to order (the cheapest place to purchase that I have found so far), there was a ton of reviews there and MOST were very negative on the unit. It scared me, and I got "cold feet" and didn't actually place the order.

So, I would like to open this post up for specific reviews on the unit. I would like for you to list PROS and CONS, and a quick description of why you like or do not like this unit.

It seems most of the negative comments were regarding the ease in the unit and the ease (or lack thereof) in using the topo maps, and the TOPO USA 7. That is precisely what I want to do with the unit, be able to map deposits, outcrops, sample locations, dredging locations, etc. on the topo, so if there is a problem there........then I need to buy something else.

Thanks in advance for your help. I trust your opinions much more than those on Amazon.com!!!!!!!!!


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I was reading the same reviews, some good and many bad. I called Delorme and was told that the PN40 was faster and accurate to three meters; it also has a 32 chip set. They now have version 8.0 of the map software, which the will mail to your for $9.95. It has only a 60 day warranty. It seems that you get. I read that there were battery problems with PN40. It seems that you get more for your money with the both models, but that's if they work. I have a Mac, and I read that there are problems using these units with a mac. The Garmin reviews are much better. I've never used a GPS, so I'm going to wait until I can find someone who can show me how to use one. I bought a Garmin GPS for the place I work: I might use that one to get a feel for it.

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I have been using the PN-20 since they came out. I have only two issues with it. The rechargable Li-on battery they supplied was not very good, so I now use regular batteries. The second issue is when you have loads of maps in memory, the unit is a bit slow reloading maps or overlays. They do have that solved with the PN-40 plus it has up to 32Gb of storage capability. I have been thinking of upgrading.

Otherwise, I have been very satisfied with my PN-20. The absolute best thing about it is the maps Delorme has are vastly superior to anything else on the market, not to mention you can download satellite and other imagery! The next best part is when you call tech support, you get a real person from the factory that genuinely want to help you out.

It is a great product and I would not hesitate recommending it to anyone! I used to be a die hard Garmin fan until Delorme came out with these.

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I have the PN-20 and have just upgraded to the PN-40.

The PN-20 is slow at redrawing screens. That is probably my only complaint.

The PN-40 is well worth the extra cost. It has much faster redraw and it has an electronic compass. My only complaint with the PN-40 is that the battery life does not seem as good as with the PN-20. And every time you change batteries you have to recalibrate the compass (which isn't that big of a deal).

As far as TOPO 7, it is alright. It is far from being the best mapping program I have ever used. But it does the job, I have not had any problems transfering maps like some people have. New units are now shipping with TOPO 8 which may or may not be any better.

Delorme does a pretty good job updating firmware for the units to address problems, so that is something to keep in mind. People complaining on Amazon may not have the latest firmware on their units.

If you have not seen it Delorme has a pretty good forum on their website. It has seperate sections for the PN units and software. Very helpful.

And like El Dorado, I used to own Garmin, but now Delorme is my choice. (Just wish the software was a little better)

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