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Lead Nuggets?

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I'm pretty new at this and I wanted to take my detector (PI) out to try some different combination's of coils and settings with assorted target sizes. Unfortunately, using gold is not an option just yet so would lead be a reasonable facsimile? Also, I've read that burying a target doesn't give the same response as one in undisturbed soil, how much difference does it make?



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I cheated and went to the gold show at primm and bought a half gram and 1 gram piece of gold.

Got online and figured out what was a fair price to pay before I went there.

The guy put them on the scale and told me a price without a calculator and was right on with the price I looked up.

I'm already an expert at finding lead now I know what gold sounds like and hope to find my own soon.

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Work with small pieces of lead. Afterall, you are testing, seeing how small the detector will go in certain conditions.

Lead is not the same as gold but it's close if you smash it with a framing hammer to get rid of factory shapes and make it more "natural".

Otherwise, just spend a few bucks and buy a .02 or 03 gram small nugget. :icon_mrgreen:

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FWIW I picked up my SD2200 from Bill yesterday. :whoopie: As I was leaving he suggested I get a variety sizes of lead sinkers (without the wings) to experiment with.

Ted Scott's suggestion to make it more "natural" seems quite reasonable.

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ToadWhisperer....don't go out and buy any lead shot....you'll have enough of your own soon...if

you just can't wait then maybe Richs would be willing to "loan" you a couple of pounds... :laught16: ..

Lve2fsh....you might try using one of those nuggets you bought as a sinker...who knows maybe

fish like gold too....maybe you'll have a new fishing accessory to market.... :innocent0009:

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