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whites goldmaster g/4


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I've had all the Gold masters from the GM2 through the GMT and the 4 is my least favorite..However, if you are getting it for a very good price, say, $250 or so, it might be an acceptable first gold detector... :twocents: ...Cheers, Unc

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Hi Dean ,Ron and All

Although my experience with the GM4 is limited it is the same machine as the GM3. Except the box is wand mounted, buttons and nobes converted to a touchpad and screen primarily designed for a beginner. Dean if this is your first beeper it is a very capable machine and one of the best for what it was designed for prospecting !! It has it's drawbacks without a removable harness mount box and the stupid DD coil they came with but still a good detector that will find the goods if learned and perservered !! Happy Huntin John B.

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Uncle Ron, John B...thank you for your experienced input!

I don't want to go off half cocked and get something inferior or frustrating to deal with but I'm chompin at the bit here.

I've been given the incredible oportunity to get behind the GMT a couple of times and really liked it... THANK YOU CASEY (HADERLY)!!!

I've found a GM4 that I can get for less than $250.00 which would get me started with a VLF then wait a few more months and save more dough and get something like the SD2100... so I have both VLF and PI. Is the GM4 anything at all like the GMT or should I wait a bit?

Thanks again!


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