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Fisher Gold Stike?


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Bought one, tried it, didn't like it, even HATED it, and

couldn't get rid of it fast enough, difficult to sell.

Save your money, and buy a Gold Bug 2, you will never

regret it, even if you later move up to a pulse detector.

One detector will compliment the other, and you will be happy

with both.

End of story...


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When I had the prospecting shop in Wickenburg there were two guys who came in and begged me to give them half price of their new Gold Strikes, against a GMT...Didn't do it...That GS machine, in my opinion, sucks....Cheers, Unc

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The following are some of the reasons why I got rid of my Fisher Gold Strike:

1. The three tone system did not work as advertised.

2. It took a very, very long time to go through a tedious process of eliminating a hot rock.

3. It was NOT as sensitive as the Bug2.

4. It seemed to be designed for folks who weren't too swift, ie, the older Bug2 enabled you to get really good at popping even the smallest nuggets by involving your creative ability to distinguish signals, by experimenting with sensible controls and "inventing" how best to make the machine work for you, whereas the G/S seemed to require you to follow a one size fits all approach that wasn't terribly creative and was quite time consuming. The G/S definitely gave you bells and whistles to channel you to a target. But I think most folks would prefer not to have these types of "training wheels" as a permanent part of their prospecting style. The machine just became too tedious to bother with.

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Hi All!

Anyone ever use the Fisher Gold Strike? If so, what did you think?



Don't know about the Gold strike.But I just put my Gold Bug II up for sale asking 450.00 with two coils and headphones

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I bought one for dear wife,she used it for a couple months. bought her a Eureka Gold. Tried to sell the gold strike ,no luck so i gave it away.


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I was working on some claims in N Nevada and a representative from Fisher showed up with a prototype of the Gold Strike which we were allowed to test. Everyone was using the GB2 and the Goldstrike didn't come anywhere near it. Everyone thought it was a piece of junk and we all told the guy from Fisher that. I have no idea why they even put it on the market...


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In the 2001-2003 time period before Fisher was bought out by Bounty Hunter I had called and written several times to invite a Fisher spokesperson to give a presentation at the PCSC monthly meeting during any month of their choice. Each time I was referred to local dealers and otherwise ignored. I really like some of their products and it is a shame that they got swallowed up. But I must say, if my experience at attempting to get a representative routinely was repeated elsewhere, I can understand why the company withered away.

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