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Can anyone indentify this?

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Unknown metal, extremely hard (you can't even mark it with a knife), heavy (200~210 gram), size 60 mm x 40 mm (lenght x wide).

The crystals are bounded to a rock I've never seen before, anti-magentic, shines like bronze, it's hard as diamond (you can cut glass with it).

Does anyone know this kind of material????? :confused0013:

Can't find anything like this.





Is it possible to sell anywhere? And how much?

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Hello Lipovi,

I'm sorry but, your rock does not look anything like a meteorite. Even though it is not a meteorite, it is an interesting mineral specimen, and I'm sure you'll find a buyer on one of the rock and mineral websites.


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Then why did I find a picture of the same rock on the Internet?

It's on University Of Chicago. They wrote about the asteroid that killed the Dinosaurs and there is a picture similar to it.

I can't get a image with your photo host!

Must be some Secret!


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