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Nugget number 2

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After lunch I got out to hunt for another hour or two. I got number three. I hope maybe to get another 1 or two before I go.

Sorry that this photo isn't as clear. I was a bit shakey. :icon_mrgreen:


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Nice one's Jim. Looks like your second nugget has a little quartz on it. Are you raking the piles or just scanning the hill sides. Oh and yes I am the RTP you know.......Rick

I met a member who said he knew you..Daniel ? and he showed me what was working for him. So i'm raking the cr-ap out of some of the old piles.

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WOW... You are doing everthing right!... I will say no more...

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Well... not all of the piles may still have flakes left... it depends upon the skill of the drywasher.

If you are where I think you are (And remember "Silence is GOLDen") it may be worth your

while to go up on one of the benches and look around for more diggin's... If you can find where

the original alluvial Tertiary channel heading from easterly to westerly was clipped by a later southerly

heading "wash" the clip zone could still be your pumpkin-seeds as well as any later post Tertiary

eluvial channels... This area has been well detected, drywashed, and even wet methods were used

by bringing in water and recirculating (that is if you are where I think you are). Also, there are many

good gold hunters in your group that would be willing to advise you...

Again you are doing everything right... so just keep following your instincts...

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