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Cloudy Morning Dink Nugget

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Yo All...It was cloudy and cool in the Vultures this morning--only about 95-- so I got out around 10AM to see if LuckyLundy's guess was right about another nugget hidden in the little two foot square red patch of dirt...Well, I covered that patch every possible way and there was nothing...However, I started downhill about 20 feet to the tiny little gully straight down below the patch that is loaded with hot rocks...I'd beeped this gully a bunch of times with no luck...But, one hot rock signal sounded just slighty different...This little 0.4 grammer was hiding down in the bedrock about4 or 5 inches...Perty little skunk whooper...Cheers, Unc



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Nice nug Ron. Yep that is one thing I always keep my eye out for is that nice rich red dirt. You can almost tell when your gonna get a good signal in that stuff. Glad to see your out there getting some color. I haven't been out in about 2-3 weeks but I gonna go beeping this weekend hope to find a new patch.

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Thanks for checking that out for me, you know as I do them nuggets love company! There's a more than a good change that there is another one not far-away and one from that one...soon you'll have a new patch going!!!

Good luck and send some of them clouds out our way!


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