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Yo All...A few days ago I got back on a patch that's produced some very distinctive gold that looks like it just fell off the vein, but it's very scattered ... I've also found a few meteorites in the area too....This little .6 grammer I found in a 2 foot square red patch of dirt with a couple of "compass cacti" growing out of it...All the rest of the ground around it was a barren grey, but this little red patch popped just this little guy...Bears out the old prospectors' tip of looking for the ring of barrel cactus in a red patch...That tip's got me quite a few nuggets over the years...Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah




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Nice shooting...I bet there's one more!


You were right, Lucky! ... Not in the patch but 20' downhill in the little gully directly below...Your comment prompted me to go back out this morning...Cheers, Unc


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Expert I Are Not, but that had to come from a pocket some place not do dang far away!!

I'd head to what ever up hill there is and root around some.


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Guest Potholes Bob-NM

That's a real beauty Ron!

I've had a binocular mineral or disecting type microscope for years, and I love to put those

beauties on the stage and crank the power up from say 10X to 50x, makes a little nugget look like a damned boulder...LOL!


Potholes Bob :icon_mrgreen:

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Yeah, Gary, that was out at Rich Hill near Decision Corner...That was the day that JJ found the awesome gold sandwich speciman I dubbed the "Au-reo Nugget"...

I think the name stuck...JJ was a hell of a guy...Couple months before he passed on he came out to the house with his wife (girlfriend?) and visited with Dodacious and me...Last time I ever saw him...Those other two, you don't want to meet on a dark patch.... :laught16: ...Cheers, Ron

Hey Ron, remember this picture. Thats ole JJ in there also. Such a shame he is gone now.


And who could forget these two outlaws???


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