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alot of gold still there, auburn dam area ,foresthill, dutch flat. alta,yuba, bear river,washington,placerville,all of the hydro pits still have gold but you have to work at it. what detector do you have? it makes a differents. the clubs really help in places to go. The goldhounds club, gpaa, they will show you where to go. Hope that helps.


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First time out. Going somewhere between Auburn and Truckee, CA. Any advice.


I've done a lot of work in that region and I believe Fred and Darrin have given you some good advice...they've really nailed it. Of the options they suggested, I'm partial to the La Porte back country; it's a vast semi-wilderness with dozens of ghost towns perched on hilltops and old timers' diggings (marked by rusting iron relics and piles of stacked rock) still plainly to be seen on most every drainage! There are not many pesky people to contend with or Forest Service personnel peeking out from behind every tree...and there is plenty of open ground to keep you busy! I've taken my share of gold out of there and I'm not done yet!

But, because you're a 'newbie' (not meant in a derogatory way), I would advise a trip up the North Fork of the Yuba River in Sierra County to focus from a few miles below to a few miles above Downieville. D'ville was known for big nuggets during the Gold Rush, and still gives up a burly one now and then. Another plus to consider...you are likely to run into experienced nugget shooters with local knowledge that would be able and happy to turn you on to valuable tips. It would be the best place in your area, I can think of, to break-in, and after you dig some gold and gain experience and confidence, you'll be primed to tackle the more challenging La Porte country.

By the way, I'm an old fart too...too ornery to be locked in the barn!

Good luck!

Jason, AKA Pocketman


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