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Blacksand sending X-Terra 70 into overload?

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Hi guys,

Well you've been over run with newbie questions, here's a simple one. I've checked some drywashes and hit a small patch of sand that sends my X-Terra 70 into overload! Digging down about 1-2" there's an extremely thin layer of very black sand. Is this hemetite sand? I guess the answer is to grab some and pan it and I will tomorrow night. And oh by the way, night detecting rocks!!! Cool, no sun beating down, very quiet. Haven't surprised any coyotes/cougars/snakes/bobcats yet, which is good. God knows there's more than a few around here making snacks of our local pet population.

Is black sand good? Bad? Doesn't matter? Thanks for any help.

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Black sand is what it is...does it stick to a magnet? If so, then that could be an indicator...iron and gold are very often close neighbors. If your X-terra overloads you need to re-gb, reduce sensitivity, raise your coil, use the right coil...or some combination of the above...

One of the most common mistakes is to raise the sensitivity tooooooo High...try the middle or a little less...

There are some very good books available...Jim Straights among others...

Be careful of the scorpians and centipedes...especially at night...


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