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My First Meteorwrong and a question

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Hey I am new to the site and I thought I would post my first find in my attempts to find a meteorite in West Virginia.


I am just excited to have something else to look for other than wheat pennies with my Whites. But after 10+ hours of searching I am realizing they are infinitely more elusive that a wheat pennies. My question is I have seen modified or homemade coils for metal detectors they look like a flat square PVC box people are just dragging around behind them. Does anyone know how to build one or possibly a book or a site? The other question is how fast does the average iron meteorite decay in the environment that I live in?

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Hi Butter,

Your stone doesn't appear to be a meteorite. Have you streak tested it yet? The large square coils in PVC are for use with a deep pulse induction type detector, not a VLF unit. Your detector will be more sensitive to chondrites when you manually ground balance. Auto ground will tune them out. Keep on hunting, you can find that first meteorite.


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no i didn't streak test it after I cut in to it i realized it was not a medroite. i just need to find more information on a induction pulse metal detector searching with a hand healed unit is slow.

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