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Hi All

I want too congradulate the powers that be for the deleting Fake Lunar slag (?? )meteorites that Goran was trying to peddle :bowdown: :bowdown: !! There was one looser on this topic and now he's gone !! I'm not refering to Steve or any other long time forum members :innocent0002: !! Sometimes we fail to thank those that are making true contributions to this forum :hmmmmmm: !! So I want to be one to thank all that put contributions to this and the other forums here :whoopie: :whoopie: !!

Happy Huntin John B.

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Hi John B and All-

I don't see why we can't simply ban his IP address and be rid of that idiot. They did so on the meteorite list as well as some other meteorite forums.

Since me and Dr Korotev live in the same state, I've emailed him in the past about various issues regarding meteorites found in Missouri so he knows who I am. Last week I emailed him about Lindfors.

Dr Korotev said that since the beginning of THIS YEAR- Lindfors has sent him 1174 e-mails with 23231 photos attached in a 4.5 month period.

Whenever he goes to scientific conferences, they all have their "Goran Lindfors" stories so he must be spamming just about every meteorite scientist also.

By the way- Dr Korotev DID test one of his "specimens" and they were definately NOT lunars but we all knew that all along.

Can someone provide me with a motivation for his continued spamming? I haven't seen anyone like him since I've been on the Internet.


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Yea his motivation probably missing a blot or 2 , and or if he was able to sell one of them would be worth it even though hes is selling slag from his back yeard........well just my 2 :twocents:

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