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Best pick for the money

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Hi All,

Since Walco picks are no longer available because they either don't/won't supply American markets, or they went out of business, what is the best pick that is on the market today? Currently I swing GB2 and have a somewhat adequate pick, but in early June I will be swinging a Minelab SD2200V2, and don't believe my pick will stand up to the depth of targets the Minelab will detect. I understand super magnets are affixed to some picks and pull trash out of the hole as it's dug. Is this the best way to go or is there a better way? Thanks in advance to the views and replies.


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There are alot out there who like the pick bill offers from his store on the website.

Plus its made locally by a member , check it out.

You can also search this forum for many past posts on the subject.

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Hi Pat ....check out the Nugget Shooter store at the top of this page....Bill has a very good pick

in three different sizes and one darn good magnet....you can't go wrong here...good luck...

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Hey Bill,

Finally got a chance to use the pick. I'm lovin it! Great balance, strong and seems to hold an edge. I don't think you can find something similar for less @ $69 it's a hella good buy!

Better yet it was great seeing you agian! Thanks for taking the time away from work to open the store and chat for a bit.

Just let me know when them shrimp grow up enough to bbq and I'll come a running! :)


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