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Meteorite Men show on SCI channel 193 on dish

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Just happened to catch the last 30 minutes of a show last evening on the SCI (science) channel on Dish network 193. Two gentleman are filmed towing their huge detector coils through some Kansas fields and finding and excavating large meteorites up to 200 lbs plus. Also shown finding some extreamly rare meteorites. Very interesting I'm sure for all you who swing a coil. Next showing is 12 May at 4AM (eastern time?) and again on May 25th.

meteorite men


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Dear Terry: Many thanks for watching our new show "Meteorite Men." Sorry you missed part of it, but Science has announced additional airings on May 25, June 3, June 4, and June 5. Details are here:

Meteorite Men broadcast schedule on Science Channel

You may also enjoy a behind-the-scenes "making of" article about "Meteorite Men" at MeteoriteBlog.org, here:


Thank you for tuning in, and all the best from Tucson,



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Thanks Geoff,

Wasn't expecting a response from one of the Stars, quite an honor. I did get my DVR set for the early morning broadcast on the 12th of May and was able to watch it in it's entirety the next morning and several other times since. Some incredible finds you 2 have made. I like the two words you used concerning finding the 1000 Lb meteorite: "Life changing"! I think for many of us that would be a place where we could financially afford to do this detecting/prospecting thing full time. It's obvious it wasn't just luck that got you two there. Persistance, reasearch, the right tools, intuitive hunches, maybe some positive encouragement from those around you offering helpful assistance such as folks lending you Omaine rock collecting books!

We'll keep watching.


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