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Spring 09 Gold Basin and Franconia Pics

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Hi All, I did some hunting this Spring 09 in Gold Basin and Franconia and I finally got the pics togeather. The first Gold Basin at 71 grams is a maybe-ite that needs a nickel analysis, wouldn't bet $5 bucks on it. The rest are zippers. The 24 grammer Gold Basin was on top in a wash, the other 3 Gold Basins were down 4-5 inches, in the well pounded area. I tried to find the Gold Basin area on the outskirts where Big Dog Del made the amazing haul a while ago, and got the 24 grammer, and then I quit and went into the usual area to find the other 3. I took a closeup pic of the Gold Basin 24 grammer with a camera and 10x magnifying glass, and then a close up of the blueish 9 o'clock chondrule with a Toy-R-Us "Cyclops" microscope camera at 100x. The scale on the Gold Basin 24 grammer is mm, and included for scale is a thumb print of Meteorum simia var. deserti, ie. Desert Meteorite Monkey. The (4) Franconia's are from a Easter Sunday hunt in the Great Oudoor Church. Next I think I'm going to steep whats left of my marbles in hot cranial fluid on some dry lake beds for a while. See Ya Out There :icon_mrgreen: Clifton


Gold Basin maybe-ite 71 gram


Gold Basin Meteorite 24 gram


Gold Basin Meteorite 24 gram close up mm


Gold Basin 24 grammer chondrule 100X ca 1-2 mm


Gold Basin 79 Gram hole


Gold Basin Meteorite 79 gram


Gold Basin Meteorite 13 gram


Gold Basin Meteorite 27 gram


Franconia Meteorite 38 gram


Franconia Meteorite 41 gram


Franconia Meteorite 133 gram


Franconia Meteorite 192 gram


Franconia Meteorite 192 gram side shot

That's it.

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Hi Clifton,

Nice finds...... congrats, since Gold Basin is pretty much in my backyard, there are a lot of meteorites still left out there. Dave.

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Nice haul you got especially from Gold Basin. Keep up the good work.

Aloha and be safe out there.

Stan aka Kaimi

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Congrats on the nice meteorite finds at both Gold Basin and Franconia! Nice photos too.

Good on ya!


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Hey Guys, Thank you for the kind words, I appreciate it. Went hunting a dry lake bed Sunday and got me three itty-bitty-ites, like 1 gram or so. But it was a good hot day, and it way beats doing chores and watching re-runs on TV. Thanks Again!, See Ya Out There :icon_mrgreen: Clifton

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