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How much difference

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Hi Allen...last month I asked Coiltek in AU that question about round verses elliptical and

here's what they said.....

If we had an 18" round coil and a 18x12" Elliptical then the round coil has

a broader field area and would have the better depth however its sensitivity

will be reduced due to the wide field. Not greatly reduced but a noticeable

difference from a 14" round.

The Elliptical coil has a tighter magnetic field where the ellipse is at its

tightest and therefore will have better sensitivity and pinpointing ability

but will not have the same depth as the 18" round.

To get close to what the 18" round performance you will need a 24x12"

Elliptical and still some would say the round will go deeper.

I like the elliptical coils because they have good depth and excellent

sensitivity and pinpointing ability. If you want overall performance then

the 18x12" elliptical or the 24x12" elliptical can cover your needs.

If you need depth performance more than sensitivity then the round 18" coils

will help you.

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