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Desert explorer,

You can buy a Whites 6.5in.- a10in.+ 10in. DD. There is also the Gold Max 8x14in. that I just bought but have not used yet. It is suppose to be pretty good though.


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Hi Desert Explorer ,Steve and All

There was also a DD gold foot coil made that was a dildo lookin 6 or 8 inch coil (pretty much worthless for detecting but great for goosing cows outa the way) and of course the 12 inch round donut coil that was soooooooo noisy it was worthless :Huh_anim]: . The better coils are the 10 inch DD for real hot ground or the 14 inch gold Max eliptical which is my prefference :innocent0002: . The bigger coils can be tough using in thick grassy areas. These coils work on all the goldmaster and GMT series detectors. With the exception of the early goldmaster 2 which used a 1/4 inch coil bolt. That detector will need a newer style rod to use any of these or current model coils. Happy Huntin John B.

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Thanks John B,

I just bought the 14in. and was told that it works the same as the 10in. Zip-Zip on good targets, and also sounds the same boing over hot rocks.

Gettin ready to go play. Lookin forward to it!!

SteveT :headphones:

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I am sure glad that Jim Smaller (paleface) has a lot of patience and persistance because without his advice I would have given up. After several, make that a lot, bad episodes with my goldmax sierra honker coil I almost gave up. Come to find out the coil itself was defective and was replaced at no charge by Whites in record time.

I have since put my stock coil in the closet and never looked back on it. Hot Dang that coil really sings some great songs to me all the time whenever I go out hunting. You just have to get used to it at first and realize that it is sensitive BUT it finds both large and small targets. I have found sub gram meteorites out at Franconia and am still amazed at some of the targets I can find when I concentrate on them zip-zip sounds.

My vote is the Goldmadx sierra coil for sure.

Aloha and happy hunting.

Stan aka Kaimi

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