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Anyone else notice FS road signs changing to Trail signs?

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One very old, non maintained FS road I often travel has had all signs changed recently to just say "Trail". This has me concerned since the same road was once closed to all vehicles and ripped by a FS dozer under the Clinton presidency. At that time the area was being modified to be road less in order to qualify as his special wilderness area. Several legal battles took place and the road was kind of restored but in horrible shape. Now it looks like their again up to something IMHO and wanted to see if anyone has any info on the FS plans?

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There plan is to close down many roads in many counties. there are maps avalb. at H.Q. offices. I have one for shasta and modoc, lassen county. Down in plumis co. there has been a few tickets handed out for 3 years that I know of.

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El Dorado Natioan Forest has closed many roads also and they will put the rippers to many. There are two groups fighting this. The BRC (Blue Ribbon Coalition and the PLP Public Lands for the People) They need our support since the Black house will certainly try to take away even more

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