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Well thank you.

I'm still employed with the government so I'm taking tomorrow off to do nothing.

My boss says if I'm going to do nothing I might as well come in. :laught16:

You doing another trip to Brazil this year?

My blood sugar is doing better and weight is coming down but the exercising part isn't going very well.

I would need to get very serious about the weight or a trip down there might kill me. :angry-smiley-010:

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Well Sir, HAPPY GOOD BIRTHDAY to you. If your planning on doing nothing, I guess maybe you will go fishing :confused0013: nugget hunting :confused0013: or just stay home in bed all day :laught16::laught16:

Ol'29er :coffeetime:

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Hope that you had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY...........Know what you mean about that exercising thing, hardest part about trying to get in shape.....


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G'Day Greg

Sorry for being late, seems like you give the forum a miss for a couple of days and suddenly there's a birthday. I wish you the best mate and I hope you got time to get out and pick up some nice yellow stuff.



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Ohmygoodness. I did mean to wish you a Happy b'day Lve2fsh, and got lost with Ol'29er. Catch lots of fish and find a gold bearing quartz rock in the water, a big'un.


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