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Is this a Meteorite or Slag?

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Hey folks, first post here. I found this while walking around my job, which is right next to the harbor(Atlantic). It has some weight to it, and a slight magnetism. Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance.






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what kind of magnet do you use, is a refrigerrator magnet or a stronger one like a neodenium magnet.

In a nother way are you afraide of getting your fingers between frige and the magnet then you got a strong one.

If you don´t need to use some force to get it of the frige then you got a week one.

This is my favorite, take 2 nails and your magnet, let the magnet atract one of the nails but only 1! Then let the first nail atract second so the second nail is setuetet under 1´st nail , then slowly pull the magnet off and away from nail 1 and 2.

Look at nail 2 and measure how fare the magnet is from nail 1 at some point nail 2 will drop to the floor.

( I used 2 bolts, the size was 10 cm L. and 0,5r )

It could be an L type but then the holes on the surface are to big, it should be smooth and black.

Then again you should see other repleis from more Exp. people.

Have a nice day.

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It does not look like a meteorite. You can sand or file a window on a corner to be sure. Also you can perform the streak test on a piece of unglazed porcelein. The underside of most toilet tanks work great.

Good luck, Ben

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