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Gold Basin Space Rocks

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There is a lot more still left at the basin, you just need to get away from the claim sites, and roads. I find an average of 2-3 per trip. Here are some of the bigger ones just from last weekend...... Dave.

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Very nice Gold Basin space rocks Dave, Good on ya. Nice to see the pics as well since I am sooo far away from Gold Basin.


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Aloha DD,

Nice average for sure. Guess I am going to have start going out on tuesdays or wednesdays (my days off) to do some serious hunting again. Franconia is just toooooo far a drive for me. Hope to see you out in the field one day. I drive a blue jeep wrangler with a black hardtop.

Aloha and be safe as usual,

Stan aka Kaimi

BTW, I was out there this past sunday up on a hillside and ran across a couple of nice size snakes just sunning themselves on the boulders. Its starting to heat up folks so be careful!!! :Huh_anim]:

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Dave, Very Nice Space Rocks, Yea, I spent three half days out there in Gold Basin over the last month or so, including yesterday, for 4 decent ones and a solid LLLLL6-7 maybe that needs a nickel analysis. I did the out areas and got 1, then gave up and went into the well pounded area and got 3. They hide. I'II post mine pics later. Real Good finds Dave. Your right their still there, but you got to walk aways.

See Ya Out There :icon_mrgreen: Clifton.

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