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New meterorite field

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WOW, any news articles you can link to so we can read about this meteorite find? Would be interesting reading about someone finding a meteorite while mowing a weed field for sure. I am still waiting for my neighbors son to get in touch with a college up in Redding to go to his ranch up in redding, Ca. to look at his 500 lb. rock that sure looks like a meteorite.

Sounds like a bunch of amatuers have been finding some awesome finds lately. :tisc-tisc:


Stan aka Kaimi

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The brief closeup view of the surface of the rock in the video does not look at

all promising:


Also, I would think a 170-pound chondrite hitting the ground at several hundred

mph would leave at least a small impact pit. I don't see one in the video, nor is

one mentioned in the article.

I noticed they spelled Eric's last name wrong in the article, but Eric appears to

be on the same page as me: doubtful. --Rob

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I just looked at the pictures and read the article, if I had to take a guess I would say most likely that isn't a meteorite. I don't see any features on that rock that scream out meteorite and the article states that magnets stick to "most" of its surface. The clues and pictures are all pointing towards a meteorwrong. :no:


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Hi Guys,

Sorry I didn't reply to this earlier. The sample of the stone found in the field in Livingston arrived yesterday. My opinion is that it is not a meteorite. Upon examining the sample, slicing it and viewing under magnification the conclusion is that it's most likely a volcanic basalt. There are visible traces of oxidized green copper material embedded in the stone, as well as what appears to be iron flecking. It is magnetic however it is full of deep vesicles, and very porous. The outer surface does not have fresh black or even oxidized fusion crust, but a glassy like surface which was probably caused by the rapid cooling of the molten rock during formation. Volcanic yes, extraterrestrial, no.

You can read my report here: http://www.meteoritesusa.com/blog/meteorit...e-found-042009/

Further down the page under the initial report is an update.

FOLLOWUP: http://www.mercedsunstar.com/167/story/808855.html


Eric Wichman

Meteorites USA

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