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Has anyone else noticed that there are claims being filed on 50-50 land in Greaterville? Just since last week there are three posted claims on 50-50. All new signs posted all over. I thought no one could claim 50-50. It looks like half of Sucker and Kentucky are now under new claim. John B, do you know anything about this, I know that is some of your stomping grounds. AL. C

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Rich I have no idea what's the truth down there. When I first started going to Greaterville five years ago I was told that the family that owned the land gave it back to the Forest Service but kept the mineral rights. I was told no one could prospect on it but I always saw people there. Now they are claiming some of it up and working it. I wished I knew the truth. The 50-50 land has some good gold on it but I don't think its worth getting shot for. AL. C

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Hi Al and Rich

Over the years there have been many bogus claims filed on the 50/50 ground in GV The weeks law land ( 50/50 ) is a very unusual land status. Most that try to claim it just check for claim status and not ownership status throw up monuments and pay money or sometimes try to pay money then find out they can't claim it. I once sat on a hillside in Lousiana and watched some guys putting up monuments and when they came to run me off I broke the news to them !! It got a little heated but I told them to call the sheriff and we'll see if you get a ticket for littering with those stupid poles !! It happens quite a bit. I wonder whats going on with the last private 50% mineral rights last heard it was in probate ?? Happy Huntin John B.

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