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Sweat and gold

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LuckyLundy, Tony, and myself went out to one of our patch's today to try our luck. Man was it ever hot. The day started off a little slow the first hour nothing so we thought we would work a different area in the same patch. I picked a area that looked good and not long after I pulled out a nice slug that was 5.6dwt five minutes later I pulled out .2dwt and a .5dwt. It was time for a water break and I checked in with Rick he had a nice 1.1dwt and I think a .5dwt nugget in his poke. We looked at each other and said "Where is Tony?". I went and got him but he had still not gotten any gold yet so I sent him into my little patch in hopes he would pull a nice one out but it was not to be. Right before lunch I had a signal that was over loading my coil I thought it might be trash on top but scraped off the top and it was a nice little .8dwt nuggey so I went and joined Rick and Tony for a sandwich. It was getting hot the water supply was getting low but we wanted Tony to score a nugget so we sent him up to a spot that has prouduced a goodley amount of gold. I told Rick man I'm out of water and the heat is getting to be to much he agreed. We looked over and seen Tony the lobster beat red from the sun with a hole about 2 feet deep digging like a gopher. We set there in hopes he was going to pull a lunker out in front of us but it was just a big piece of trash. Tony walked away with a new tan and a skunk but it wasn't from a lack of trying thats for sure he dug a lot of holes. Over all it was a great day little hot but always good being in the field with good friends.


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We had a great time! Jeff and I wished, Tony could get his coil over a nugget...but didn't workout that way. I'm sporting a new sunburn and I know Tony is hurting today from his. I'll be heading to the high country to see if I can drive down the roads that hold snow till early May...it's hot down here in the flat lands! Until our next hunt.


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That's two things we have to adjust to as we get older. I don't take the heat like I use to and have to use of the facilities much more often. At my last physical the doc said welcome to the 50's . Good going on the nuggets again.


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Hey Guys,

Everybody says I got fried! I tan up real fast but I did overdue it.

I do know I had a great time, I always do! Sure it's always nice to find gold but I really just enjoy my time off from the every day hustle and bustle of working in the city and spending time with friends, meeting new people and "BS"ing. You know I am sure I passed over gold in the first patch but I made commitment to myself to only dig the sweet sounding targets with my DD coil and running discrimination, I know...I know, "dig all targets", but I had much fun playing and learning.

I must congratulate you guys, since Jeff purchased his 3000 he has never been skunked to my knowledge! (knock..wood...knock..wood...knock..wood...), and Lucky with his ability to pull out any size nugget at any depth with his 12"x15" Commander Coil, I think you found your coil.

You guys are awesome, and you guys worry more about me finding a nugget than I worry about it, but if this continues to happen on future hunts, I will be pissed. :tisc-tisc: :grrr01: I am just happy to be in good health, enjoy the great weather and spend time with good friends, the next time mask off an area with lots and lots of nuggets and post a sign that says "handicap metal detector area" and I will bring my "handicap detectorist badge" oh, and my GPS for I would hate to get lost. lol

Until Next Time!


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