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The V3/Vision is an amazing detector

Dan Judd

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I bought one 3 weeks ago. In my opinion it is the most advanced VLF detector ever built. For the first time ever, you have complete control over every aspect of the detector.

My tests and those of others show that the V3 is capable of similar performance to an MXT in prospecting mode. The GMT still has it beat for fly speck gold.

Looking forward to putting the V3 through its paces in a trashy prospecting environment. With its advanced analysis capabilities, I think it could help find the hidden good stuff. I would love to have one at Ganes or Moore Creek this summer...

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VLF detectors are awsome.

If you compare a GM3, Or a GMT, Or a GM4, or a GB2, It's all good. I love trying to figure it out. There are other VLF detectors that are good also.....the Tesoro Super Trak is a good beaper. The old Gold Bug works too.

I don't know much. I have a PI, but I know that a good VLF in the right hands, will find some good stuff.

SteveT :coffeetime:

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