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Change of detector and EUREKA

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Well Guys/Gals after about four months of looking (every coupla days) I was getting a bit anoyed with the SD2000 and the amount of ground noise. Being a beginner I was finding it very hard to distinguish between hot gound noises and targets so what did I do. I traded it for a GP Extreme, I went about 10 minutes down the road from the shop and put the new harness together and figured I had 20 minutes to try it out. Nothing huge but I was stoked when I found my very first nugget @ .3gms. Shaped like a tiny scorpion It is just great. I had been in this area before and only found rubbish and with the SD2000 i was ready to start slowing down on my hunting knowing that i was missing heaps.... not now, I figure if I can find one nugget in fifteen minutes with the Extreme a few hundred hours might get it paid for. Going back out today (with no rush to pick up the misses) so I will let you all know how I got on. The message here is that although I reckon the SD2000 (modded) is a great machine and unbeatable at depth, I would not reccomend it to the begginer especialy in hot ground as they will as I did get very frustrated..... Enjoy the day. Regards :woohoo:

PS thanks to all for all the advise over the months, It has been Great....

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Congrats Cookie on your first nugget...now your hooked for life....if you still have the SD2000

don't give up on it...try it using a DD coil.....

I had been using the 11"DD coil but with all the mineralization in the area (Central Victoria Australia) I was getting way too many interfering signals... It was one of the first of the 2000s and I have traded it. The Extreme has a serial number in the 74,000s which I have been told is the later of the series..... No luck on the second day out but a hell of alot more fun without all the background noise... I watched a vid last night and got some tips on the settings, I ll give it another go today... HAPPY HUNTING :whoopie:

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