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new whites vision or specta v3

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Wild Horse,

I have personally never used the vision but the promo's sure look interesting. It appears that when using all 3 freqs at the same time ID'ing common trash accurately like bottle camps, iron etc is a simple chore. It also seems to display the size of objects as well. What I haven't seen however is how it handles mineralized areas or beach sand etc. The vision seems to have the potential to discriminate better than any machine I have ever seen assuming it works as advertised.

Like you, I hope someone will buy one and use it in the field to see how it really stacks up to other multiple use vlf gold machines.


I just did a little edit as I found a link to a field report of the spectra vision:

field report

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I have not used one, but most machines designed to be great coin, jewelry and relic machines do not do well in the goldfields. They generally are not really sensetive enough and are not designed to work in very high mineral conditions as are so common in many gold fields. The DFX is a great example - a great machine for coins, jewelry and relics, it cant detect gold smaller than about 4 grains (most PIs can handle smaller sizes than this with no problem whatsoever) and it is greatly diminished in detecting strength by highly mineralized soils. I am suspicious that this new whites vision is a much closer relative of the DFX than the GMT.


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We had a Spectra Vision demo at last month's meeting of the Prospectors' Club of Southern California. It seems to really excel in depth and has more bells and whistles than a Vegas slot machine. Last week we were going to test one out in the desert on nuggets. Unfortunately, due to high winds and the threat of bad weather, the owner of the Vision we were going to test canceled. Until I see different, I'm with Reno Chris on this one. Even excellent coin machines generally disappoint in the gold fields. The price of a Vision appears even higher than the recently released TDI which DID find a nugget (one pennyweight) at the site of last week's outing.

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:coffeetime: Hi all I've been following the release of this new whites and I should have one by the end of next week :headphones: --my only concern about it is I hope it gets better depth than the 3 xlt's and the 1 dfx I had :tisc-tisc: ---the problem with those was you could never really crank up the gain without them becoming real unstable and they were'nt worth a crap in mineralized ground or for hunting gold :Huh_anim]: --I doubt very seriuosly that the vision will be that much better for prospecting or even come close to the depth of explorers or etracs-but hey who knows till its tried--I'm not buying it for prospecting--I have to try it and see what its about :hmmmmmm: I'll check back after I get some time in the field with it :innocent0002: -Mike C... :ph34r2:

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