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24 miles from my house...they owners said it weighed two tons....they dug it out with a tractor...

I told them to keep it quite...two weeks later it was on National TV here....don't know the status

of it now or the location now....



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Forgot this one....

Fantastic! Now that's a find.

Maybe another ataxite?

Probably on it's way to the Smithsonian NMNH. Wherever it ends up, I hope someone shares some more pictures of it cleaned up. Nice find!

Mike in CO

Sorry, need to edit that. I see you are in Brazil. Make that read Brazil's Museum of Earth Sciences instead of the Smithsonian NMNH.

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Rockbiter....if I were to bet I would also think that this huge iron has ended up in the Brazilian

Museum of Earth Sciences ....I tried to warn the dumb ass about that happening but he wanted

recognition and money fast.....now when I see him on the street he tries to avoid me so I

think he got taken for a ride....more pics of them digging it up....at the speed it hit the ground..

do you think this is where it first hit or if it bounced here....if it bounced there may be a lot of

fragments where it first hit....



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Don't know the answer to that Goldfinger...this one is 24 miles to the NW of my house and the

Uruacu is 27 miles to the SE of my house....from the looks of the cut they made in pic #2 above

it looks the same ......

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I guess it's possible it could have come from the same fall but I've never heard of a fifty mile long strewfield for an iron. Do you have idea if they were looking for meteorites or did they just happen to stumble on them. :hmmmmmm: Those are some great specimens and I hope they wind up some place where the public gets to see them. Museums are hard pressed for money these days so I doubt they had enough to buy it at a fair market price. Of course they could have confiscated it like the Smithsonian did with the Old Women meteorite.


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Steve don't know much about the guy that brought this to my attention...he comes by my

house when he has what he calls meteorites and wants me to buy them he also has other

specimens for sale that he finds...like crystal and geodes....he does hunt meteorites and I

don't know how he finds out about the areas and he's the only one here beside me that I know

of ....he also uses a detector....

About the strewn field....I don't have any ideal how far they can be ...but the Uruacu meteorite and

this one are about the same size and weight...big and heavy...and the Uruacu had many (kilos) of

small pieces from the impact...my thoughts are that is one does also...

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