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New gold pic

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I originally wrote some thing much worse here. GotGold, you are a wondeful person and everyone should learn from your example. I bow to your prowess on the forum and will certainly check myself, before posting anything. Thank you for pointing out my evil ways.

Its beautiful. Its kind of an eerie picture. Sorta like a meteor?

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Nice nugget…2oz? What kind of camera did you use? I have a hell of a time taking good macro pictures with mine.

I recently picked up a new Canon SX10IS and it has a super macro setting allowing for focus of items actually touching the lens which is very cool. Great digital camera for the money!

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That is a nice photo, and a great nugget.

I just figured out how to get a good close up with my camera.



Now that is a nice looking nugget. Alot better looking than any of mine. It's got great character to it. How heavy is it and how deep was it? I'm sure I'm not the only one that would like to know. Hope you find a bunch more like it.

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Macro pictures or a microscope.... when you get to see the super details of a nugget they are more amazing then you can imagine. I have been looking at that camera and was wondering about the macro capabilities... now I am sold thanks

Great pictures!

Ordered one today... can't wait to take some macro pics with the great depth of field shown on your pics!

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Lotsaluck and Gus....I sure admire your pics....with trying to do as well in mind I gave it a go with

my camera....you two out did me by miles....El Dorado was doing very well before but I can't wait

to see what he does with a new camera...I'm ashamed to put these up but here goes...



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