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Utah gold


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The only time I have tried to find anything there was about 10 years ago when there was a GPAA claim close to Millford/Minersville, it was on a little creek where it came out of a canyon.

It had been hammered so bad and the banks and trees under cut so bad that I didn't even stay, afraid that I would be the one blamed.

This is nothing new for GPAA claims though, you don't want to be on one the first day it is released to the members, I have saw places in CA where you would have had to park a 100 yards up the road from all the people there.

There is some fine gold in places south of Hanksville.

I'm sure you must have better places in Colorado?


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I live in Southern Utah.

There is gold in lots of places here. As Gilaoro said there is a little

around Minersville,South of Hanksville in the Henry mountains,

some around Marysvale in the Tushar mountains,and some in the

La Sal mountains. Also fine gold in the Green River,and Colorado


Now for the sad part,most ground is either off limits for prospecting

or claimed up. There is other places here with gold too,but you would

have to spend some serious time researching .

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