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Is this a meteorite

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Hi Frika,

Your stone appears to be a piece of slag. It is too vesicular (the bubbly holes) to be a meteorite. Don't stop looking for meteorites. We all have found our share of meteor-wrongs.

Good Hunting, Ben

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G'Day Frika,

Very interesting find, but in regards to being extraterrestrial, I would definitely have to say no. Is the color of the same as what's in the images? Or is the green the product of flourescent lighting? So it's attracted to a magnet. I think I really need to lean on volcanic origin, but you need to remember you have alot of influences in the area this came from. One being glacial, it could have been transported. And secondly, human, another transport. Somebody could have brought it into the region where you found this.

But I would hang on to it. Just as a reference. Don't give up. There is a met out there somewhere with your name on it.



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The green color and the bubbly composition makes me think it was the byproduct of an old copper smelting operation-slag. Michigan does have a copper mining history and is noted for the native copper specimens among mineral collectors. Michigan is also noted for iron mining and the magnetic attraction could be attributed to iron minerals that were added at some point during the smelting process. :hmmmmmm:


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Hello Frika,

I'm from Southeast Michigan and I can tell you your sample is indeed slag. I've found a lot of it looking exactly like that. The green color is due to manganese I believe. It is nearly pure glass with all the bubbles and sometimes has a brown "crust" on it. A fellow came to my house last week with the exact same material, his father found it while digging a fence post hole, they said it was perched on a stand for 30 years in the house, telling friends and family it was a meteorite! I felt kinda bad having to break the news.

If you want to learn more about meteorites and meteorite hunting let me know, I probably live fairly close to you.



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