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I got the fever a couple years ago panning near Blackhawk CO.

Now I find myself almost homeless and without employment and wishing for some adventure.

Is there anyone who may need some help? I work cheap...as in food and shelter.

I am drug free, not a felon, smart, and adventurous.

I can rough it with the best and am quiet.

maybe you have a claim and no time to work it?...I'll work it for you. maybe you need someone to carry your equipment..I'll carry it.

can you tell I am desperate?

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Hey Kris

Man I wish you all the luck in the world on finding something and it may be hard times for us all before it's over with. Just where are you calling home at this time? We are now getting into dredging season in some places and that may be something you could shoot for if somebody needed help. You may not get paid but you could get a cut of the take of gold and eat at the same time.

Best To You!

Chuck Anders

PS How old are you? When you get my age few people want you anymore but I'm long from being dead. I can still swing a metal detector :icon_mrgreen: and my hearing is good. :headphones: Now it sounds like I'm wanting a job also but I know better than that. :laught16:

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Don't know where you live but I have installed cable for a cable subcontractor and they are always looking for help. Maybe not the adventure you're looking for but it can be an adventure at times. Also, the local sattellite companys are always looking for help as well. I imagine the same is true in your neck of the woods where ever that may be.


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Send me a PM with your personal information (location, age, experience and physical condition). I would be interested in talking with you. Might have an opportunity for summer.



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I am 35 years old. yes I would work for a cut, I am beyond desperate.

thanks for the advise rough, though I have no drivers license. suspended due to back child support. I don't know why they do that, kind of hard to get a job without a driver's license.

thanks for all your kind words..

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