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MXT or X-Terra

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Hi All,

I haven't been at this site much in a couple years or to any detector site for that matter but have learned much here from you all previously and thinking of getting back into the hobby.

Anyway, I was looking at buying an X-terra 70 or the newer version of the same but happened to see a post on another forum in which the memeber had the opportunity to trade his X-Terra 70 for a MXT and the overwhelming opinion there was for the member to trade. In short most felt the MXT was the better detector.

Anyway, if this topic hasn't already had it's day here please let me know what you all have experienced and would recommend :confused0013: OR, point me to the embattled thread :tisc-tisc:


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roughwater51 good morning! have not used the xterra myself--I own a mxt, it is a great machine (takes a little getting used to-as to learning the differant sounds and responses),but a great machine! gerry of gerry"s detectors in idaho tells me that the machines definately have their place in differant situations! ie;relic hunting,etc. good luck with that The MXT is a great machine!!! Rokdodger :icon_mrgreen: :coffeetime:

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I too wrestled with that at the beginner of the year. It seem that allot of people at particular forums pushed the MXT. I always am skeptical about that and spent about 3 weeks researching hard about which one is the best. For me the X-Terra 70 was the way to go. I truly love the machine and very happy I purchased it. I spend many a hour on the Kellyco Metal Detector site comparing products, and reading reviews. Right up to the last second before I purchased mine.

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Larry, Rokdodger,

I much appreciate your opinions. They both seem like great machines and I can't buy both so I'll continue to research, review opinions, compare accessories and figure which one I can best slip past the wife :shhhhh:

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I am having the same problem.I want a new lcd display machien,but multi-purpose.I will buy a PI for gold only,but for now its either a

xterra70-705 or a mxt.I want to check out the f75-But I am not sure how good it is on gold.Have not heard much of that machine.

Also what about the fisher quicksilver does not that operate at 5-and 15khz,would that be good for gold?

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