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Meteorite from Northern California ?????

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Aloha guys,

While working on my jeep today, I was talking to my neighbor and of course the subject of meteorites came up. Surprised the hell out of me when he said that he also prospects and that he might have a large meteorite. He said they found it about 4-5 feet down and was found with a backhoe while digging a pond/reservoir for their farm in northern california. That got my attention so I went over to his place and saw some pics of it on his computer. HOT darn if it doesnt look like a meteorite. Saw some pics and since is is still pretty much covered in dirt i couldnt give him a 100% (YES it is). I told him to get better pics and post them on this forum for others to see and give their opinions on whether or not it really is one. If I dont see any posts from him in a day or two I will go over and help him register and log in on this forum.

I for one can hardly wait to see his posts and the remarks it gets.


Stan aka Kaimi

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