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Found a patch Yahoooo

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Thanks for all the kind words.

I could hardly control myself all day Sunday thinking about all the times I went back to a spot where I had found a couple of nuggets, really pumped with high hopes of finding more, only to go there and not find another one.

Well after a long day Sunday, went back to that spot on Monday and what a great day it was.

Here is Mondays take:


12 nuggets with the biggest 13.8g and it’s a beauty with nice white quartz in it.

The total patch gave up 19 nuggets for a total of 29.8g. Best 2 days I have ever had.


I have to give my hunting partner the credit for getting me in the area. He got a couple of little ones in the side of a small wash and called me over to show me what he had, we always do that. He was chasing another signal in the wash and I watched him for a while and finally decided to go and detect the big flat over by the next wash. On my way over there, after I got far enough away from him to not interfere with his detector, I turned mine on and was just swinging it as I headed for that wash. I almost made it to the wash when I got a pretty good signal. I was pretty sure it was a bullet but dug it anyway, first nugget of the patch. My buddy decided to work on up the hill above me to see what he could find. I got 2 more little nuggets and then called him back to take over and I went on the other side of the wash where he found the 2 nuggets and started to work that hillside. I hadn’t gone far before I got a nugget, then the rest of them for the first day.

On Monday he decided to take the big flat and I took the small flat where I finished up the first day. The rest is history.

The back side of some of the nuggets have grey looking rock or caliche, like this one:



These are Arizona nuggets and I will have to wait till fall to take another trip to that patch to see what we missed.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.


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