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First Nugget, finally!!!


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Howdy Gang,

It finally happened today, after four years of metal detecting, I finally found my first piece of gold and it's a nugget!!!! :woohoo: I decided to attend the Las Vegas GPAA outing down at Gold Basin thinking I just wanted to find meteorites and not worry about the gold. I was about 45 minutes into the hunt and I got a signal. The previous target I found was a piece of lead, and this one I figured was the same. After digging down about 7-8" I found the nugget, at first thinking it was an iron, then spotted the familiar "glint" of gold. Man was I stoked, yelling, carrying on, like a kid at christmas.

I kept detecting for the rest of the morning and getting back to camp at lunch time, proudly presented my find.

Total weight was .355oz, 154 gr. or 6.5dwt

Ugly, and pretty at the same time. Everyone kept telling to throw it back so it would grow bigger for next year, but I decided to keep it anyway. Jason :;):




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Jason I'm happy to say that is definitely a meteorwrong :Huh_anim]: ... I think I'm gonna have to check that one for you. :hmmmmmm:

That is one heck of a find, a very good size for your first nugget :WOW: , way to go! :yourock:

Now the gold is going to come a lot easier, but I have to warn you... the fever can be sickening!

I knew you could do it, you just had to put yourself in the right ground. :cool:


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Aloha Jason,

Right on guy! :woohoo:

So now you know the secret of finding gold is to NOT look for it eh? Did you try to use your magnet like someone I know thinking it was a meteorite?

Beautiful nugget and a nice soze one to boot. Lets see what it looks like when it is all cleaned up. Looks like the right size for a pendant for that someone special in your life. Yep, it should make her smile more that life itself.


Stan aka Kaimi

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4 years......that makes me feel alot better about my 1 year.

Way to go!

Now find a lot more!!!!

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Excellent score, Jason...You'll find they come a lot easier now...WTG...I can't wait to see a cleaned up shot...Bet it's a beaut....Cheers, Unc

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Howdy Gang,

Thanks for all the comments!!! Here it is all clean and shiny (for the most part). It really looks beautiful in the sun :WOW::ROFL: . I guess I could take to looking for nuggets for a bit, who knows maybe I'll find more meteorites. Jason :;):



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That is one heck of a fine looking GB nugget. You deserved such a reward for your efforts. Now that the skunk is dead, I am sure that you will score many more.


Is that gonna make a nice pendant for the wife or for you...............???? :;):

Please do not use it for a throw down and lose it like Harry did in his recent post about his coveted throw down. I confess to having a few throw downs laying around out there in the hills somewhere, myself........ :head:


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