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mxt for meteorites

mel c

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Aloha Mel,

An MXT for hunting meteorites may not be your best choice although some people after MANY hours of using one have found meteorites. I personally know of two others I used to hunt with that have switched to the GMT and are very happy they did so now.

For some reason the MXT will pass over a meteorite and not even make a whisper for one person while another guy with the MXT swears he can hear one. Go figure! Just my :twocents: since I use a GMT and am prejudiced at this point.

You need to get a throw down specimen from the area you wish to hunt and just experiment until you get that one distinct sound and then go with that setting. Of course your setting might be different from another guys but go with YOUR setting/ A lot of patience and experimenting is needed. Good luck.


Stan aka Kaimi

BTW, you might want to go to the meteorite section of this forum and catch up on some of the older posts for this info because this question has been asked a lot in the past.

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