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Swing Arm or Hip Stick


Swing Arm or Hip Stick  

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  1. 1. Which do you prefer?

    • Swing Arm
    • Hip Stick

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I use a hip stick, but I must admit I have never used a swing arm. I watch my partners using theirs and I will say it works very well for them. Could be that the perfect way is BOTH! Places where we hunt right now, the grass is getting very tall and it looks like the swing arm definatly helps push over the grass!

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Hi All,

Nugget Shooter is no longer a HipStick dealer. Bill may have a few units left in stock so please call him.

The approved dealers now are listed on my web site detectoraid.com

Thank you Bill for your support and promotion of the HipStick.



Chris Porter detectoraid.com

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Hey Rich, I have never used a hipstick so I can't comment on them other than they look like a hassle. I do use a swing arm and love it. My coil never leaves the ground so the weight of the coil is a negligible factor unless your talking 20" or bigger. The other advantage of a swing arm is you have way better coil control over a one arm swing. Just today I was using a 6" goldstalker in a grassy area. Very jerky one arming it but with the swing arm it was quite smooth.



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Who sells the swing arm?

Hey Merton....... how are the oysters these days? Good to hear from ya!

Hi Steve, Those oysters are as tasty as ever and good for something else too! I enjoyed reading of your South American adventures :woohoo:



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I have used a HipStick almost since it was invented.

I can honestly say it has changed the totality of my detecting experience.

I can hunt longer, I have 'way less arm and shoulder fatigue

and I do not find a hassle in any way, period.

It is cheap, lightweight and made well.

I have not used a swing arm but have seen it used in the field.

That being said, I wholeheartedly recommend

the HipStick.


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