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Diablo vs gold trax vs gold bug2vsgm 4


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Just wondering I can buy a used Diablo.Whats a good price for one?

Is it worth getting?

I have a vaquero,is the diablo better for gold?

Also I can get a gold trax,are they worth getting?

They still are around ,discovery electronis,so they can be repaired

Are they as good as I hear?Any opions?I was told its more sensative then the gb2,according to the guy trying ot sell me it!

I think the gb2 be the most sensative.I heard the auto ground tracking is awesome in the gold trax,with the black sand module its real awesome,if you need the module,can handle most ground without it I guess.

I am also intrested in the gold bug 2.

It claims to be the most sensative.

It is a tried and true machine,life time warrenty also?

I have my issues with whites.But what ever,they are real good machines.

I dont mind the gm4,I think its the best machine whites made for gold That I know and Im new,but they seem to be well liked ,even more so than the new gmt?Thats what I read.I think it be pretty close to the gb2 for gold size?

Some information be great,I was stupid and bought a vaquero.I know,I know,I was warned lol

I am going to use it until I save for a real gold machine so give me a break.

I am strongly thinking about the Gb2m,It seems ot be everyones favortie machine overall.

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I had a diablo, they are a three turn ground blance, not good in most case's you would be miles ahead to get a Lobo Super Trac, they will punch deep, and have auto ground balance and tracking. Will get sub-grain gold to bug nuggets, got my first 6 oz's with one. No comlpaints. Grubstake

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cool Im glad soeone likes the lobo.I been getting bad replys form other guys on the lobo just being a glorfied coin machine?

I like the fact it uses the coils I allready have.Its too bad I cant see one in action,I would love to be able to try out a machien before buying it ,would that not be awesome.

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Jim Straight talked me into my first Lobo Sper Trac, glad he did, I've owned two over the years, not as good as a PI, but a very good detector. I don't think you will be sorry+ you can use them on coins, If you get one, PM me I'll pass on some settings, that Jim put me onto. Grubstake

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I did the product testing for the DGD and it was used in the Tesoro catalogs for years. It was the precursor to the TLST( righteous machine). It is NOT even near the LST in performance--decent when cheap enough but the GB was NOT the best--took tooo much constant fiddling with it vs the smooth TLST. BUT compared to others,almost, 20 years ago, when it came out--it was darn good in it's day-tons a au 2 u 2 -John

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I really like the lobo now,but how small of gold will it hit?

I think the gmt would beat it for smaller stuff?

Or is the ground trak that much better in the lobo it will not miss tiny stuff vs the gmt?,cause you can run it higher sensativity?

I heard the gmt has awesome gorund traking,I heard it is overall the best gold detector in a vlf machine?

What would a new Lobo cost Vs a new gmt?

Would a used lobo if you can find one have the lifetime warrenty tranfered?

would a used lobo be cheaper than a used gb4 or gmt?

Thanks alot guys,I want to find my show off nugget this year,one big enough to put in a ring or on a knecklace.

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A new LOBO ST will run around $600.00 Contact Clevenger Detectors, they keep an add in Lost Treasure, he also has used detector, in like new condition, for around $525.00 {ballpark} witha 90 day waranty. But if you get one don't worry, Tesoro will fix most time for nothing. Grubstake

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I've used both models from Tesoro and found gold with both. The Super Trac was by far a better machine.

Many people prefer the GMT, they are a very good machine. As for myself, I prefer the Gold Bug 2 for my vlf for gold. I also have a GP-Extreme which I really like.

|I believe that whichever one you decide on, get to know it. Allow it to become an extention of your body. The more time spent with it the better you become. The gold is out there, it just takes alot of pain studying work with areas and machine.

Ol'29er :coffeetime:

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I only can speak from my own experience, but that would include hundreds of micro sized nuggets, the vast majority found with my GB2 (as opposed to my other VLFs -- GB1, and Minelab 18000 and a friend's Goldmaster II). If you are talking REALLY SMALL, my two personal bests found with the GB2 can pass through a #20 mesh screen. Recently I picked up a used GB2 for my wife. Apparently it is one of the more recent machines manufactured somewhere other than Los Banos, CA. When tested alongside my original GB2 I found it not to be quite as sensitive, a little noisier and the iron reject feature not quite as consistent -- but close enough for union work. So if you can snag one of the older GB2 units (they don't come up for sale all that often, but when they do the price range is around $450 to $500) you may be getting yourself a really nice deal. They seem to last forever. I do not know if the new corporate owner of the Fisher line recognizes the old lifetime warranty. Personally, I've never had any problem with the Goldbugs I couldn't deal with myself. The nastiest problem, in my opinion, was not with the detectors, but with the awful Fisher head phones (wires routinely suffering metal fatigue and requiring re-soldering). I go through one to two protective skid plates per year as my style of detecting involves a lot of direct contact with the dirt and the resulting abrasions. Other than that, no issues with the search coils.

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Grubstake... I guess we both have done "pretty good" with the Lobo Super Traq. However,

it is now getting a little "long-in-tooth." But still a good all around machine.

Just a thought: There are many opinions as to what is the best machine... As far as

"sub-grain" gold; it is easy to spend time detecting for plus 40 mesh... But is better

to find plus 10 mesh.... Better yet to concentrate on detecting gold about a half

pennyweight or more... However... everyone who has posted has brought up good points...

Thanks everyone... "Tailgate"

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:icon_mrgreen: Nice to see ya postn' Jim--long time no hear. I MOST certainly would NEVER downgrade a GB2(I own whatever I want and GB2 & TLST rule my roost) but nowadayz COILS are really proving to be a major assist in finding the good ol'oro puro. Many configurations, sizes, and you can change a machines personality and mannerisms with the right coil under harsh conditions too. Folks always question my use of the word PERSONALITY when refering to a machine-well--as you can easily tell from all the posts that one mans' pleasure is anothers' nightmare. Some things just click and NOTHING determines how good you do except learning your machine(whatever) and they all have quirks that may irritate you to death. When I was in biz I ALWAYS gave newbies lessons on machines to see if they and the equipment meshed. Nothing worse than on a monday opening up and having a machine come in thats been wrapped around a tree or actually run over-tons a a u 2 u 2 -John :laught16:

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Just a postscript or two that come to mind: [1] One of the valuable uses of a VLF gold machine is as an adjunct to drywashing. Screened material that does not get processed needs to be checked for escapees. Some of these rascals can be really small -- especially if you are screening down to sub-8 (eg, when using a Gold Exorcist). Just about any VLF machine will do the job but, again based on my own experience, the GB2 is excellent for this. A lot of sub-8 material goes off the end of the grizzly even though it is supposed to go through it. [2] After a day of dredging I dry out my miner's moss. The next morning prior to setting up the dredge I run my GB2 over the slab of miner's moss. Amazing how many pieces of trash I find -- but also thin little wafers of gold flakes that otherwise might be lost. [3] Jim is absolutely right that it is "better" to find plus-10 gold than sub-40, assuming what you primarily are interested in is gross recovery. Personally I sometimes derive much pleasure in seeing just "how low I can go". It's a kind of personal satisfaction that comes from mastering and honing a difficult skill. When I was into competitive pistol shooting I derived great satisfaction during the hours spent with an air pistol even though it would be "better" to have a .45 as a self-defense weapon. I say do whatever floats your boat.

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Guest bedrock bob

I like the GBII for small stuff, but I have an old Whites GMII that can get it almost as small. The size and weight of the GBII is the best, and the small coil in about a one foot piece of PVC formed to make a handle has given me many hundreds of small flakes. I dont drywash without it. It is as important as the shovel...ALMOST.

I hit a spot where I found a couple of dozen freckle sized flakes in an area with the Whites. I went and retrieved the Bug and got down on my knees. I tuned the Bug to "super freak" and before four hours had passed i dug over 200 flakes. The whole take was less than 1/8 oz. Of course I drywashed the area and came up with over an ounce of flour gold, and it would have been a lot more efficient to just drywash rather than screw with the detector. It does illustrate the value of the detector though.

Incidentally, the old WHites GMII sounded off on particles ALMOST as small as the GBII, and it quieter in hot ground. I believe the GBII is actually better in hot ground with target response though. The GBII has to be run much slower, and you have to sort out a lot more noise and false howling signals than the Whites for it to outperform the GMII. Still, if you have the patience for it, the GBII is going to be tough to beat. The only problem is DEPTH. The GBII will barely sound off on an old Chevy past 18" or so. Those tiny particles need to be within an inch or it is worthless. The GMII will find a larger nugget a little deeper. I dont know how the newer Whites machines perform, but if they are any better than the old GMII they are darn good!

One more reason I use the GBII is the coil size. That tiny coil is nearly as deep as a larger one and you can get it into tight places. That means that it is actually deeper in most cases where there are large rocks or obstructions. Many times I have found nuggets that I can put the small coil right on top of, that would have been 4-6" away from a larger coil. I think the small coil is actually just as deep, but the "hotspot" is smaller. That means it may not be as good for covering ground, but if you are going slow I think it is best. I wish all detector manufacturers would offer these "midget" coils. A super hot 1" "button" coil like on the Falcon would be a godsend. I would purchase one!

For 1/8 DWT and above my new Minelab 2100 is amazing. If a 4000-4500 is any beter than this machine there won't be any gold left to find in a few years. I found a 2 dwt. nugget at over 9" with it. My GBII will barely gets a beer can at 9". It will find anything that sounds off WELL on the GBII and get it deeper. The only place it falls short is on those WHISPERS in the GBII which are very subtle or no response at all with the Minelab. it will still get anything worth digging, but I use the GBII religiously around the drywasher. I never knew I needed TWO machines until the Minelab came along. They do not compete, they actually compliment one another.


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