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This may be the first step in enforced gun registration and subsequent confiscation. The B.O. administration knows that military personnel can not claim individual protection under the Constitution. Prepare, it's coming and you will have to take a side!!

Below from an Infantry soldier (11B) stationed at Ft Campbell, Kentucky.

Read and be warned!!


I am an 11B currently assigned at Fort Campbell. I live off post, with my firearms(which I don't bring on post for any reason). A very frightening thing happened at work yesterday. I was ordered to fill out a list containing my firearm information. This included make, model, caliber, and serial number of all firearms I currently posses. In addition, I was also required to list registration information, location of all weapons individually, and information regarding any CCW permits I posses. If you are like me, then the people you work with know you have firearms. So I had to list at

least some. I tried to talk to my 1sg(who is normally aproachable through proper channels) to find out what this is for, and I was basically told, "I don't give a !&@%, just put your info on the form." I don't know how high this goes, but I am hearing that this is going on in other units at Fort Campbell as well. It just seems a little coincidental to me that within 90 days: the most anti-firearm President in history is inaugurated, some of the nastiest anti-firearm laws are put on the table in Washington, and then the Army comes around wanting what amounts to a registration on all firearms, even if they are off post, and doesn't provide any reason or purpose as to why. I fear something really nasty is blowing in the wind here. I have been in almost 8 years, and never have any of my units asked for this information.

If any of you out there have any info as to what all this crap is about please chime in.

Otherwise consider yourself warned.

"We have no government armed with the power capable of

contending with human passions, unbridled by morality and

true religion. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and

religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of

any other."

John Adams

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Yeh Garimpo, its happening, My son-in-law, is at FT. Bliss TX. and he has said the samething, he also lives off post, He has had most of his weapons transfered to his wife, she doen't fall under there BS. Grubstake

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Ok guys, so what do we think is the reason for this?

The only thing I can think of is, they want a list of Military and those that become ex military, in case there is some uprising? With all of us that are ex military, they want to know who they will have to contend with in the future?

Thanks kinda scary aint it? But its the only thing I can think of.

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I see the huge land grab has been sent to Obama for his signature. They are closing off another 4 million acres to everyone except hikers and mountain bikers. Does anyone here even have a mountain bike? I'd like to see a national show of hands for everyone who has a mountain bike and then one for everyone with a 4 x 4. I'd like to see that shown on TV for the benefit of those who pushed this bill onto Obama's desk.

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Dakota Slim,

I have a mountain bike and I mine gold. Not all mountain bikers are tree huggers. The Downieville area of California has some of the best mountain biking trails in the world and some of the best gold mining in the world. These trails are all old mining trails that are now "singletrack" and are used by miners, bikers, and motorcycle riders to this day. The economy of this small mountain town relies not only on the miners, but the bikers as well. The bike shops rent bikes and shuttle takes riders to the top of the buttes. The restaurants get business from the riders as well. I am against closing public land period. Last summer I scouted some good detecting ground from my mountain bike. Riding the mountain is a blast. 4000 feet of elevation drop in 14 miles is a great experience. I hate to see pubilc land closed for any reason, but don't blame the mountain bikers. Blame the current administration.


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OK Guys,

I understand the importance of this, but keep it in the poltical section. This section is for detecting. :twocents:

Ol'29er :coffeetime: :Huh_anim]:

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I'm Active Duty Army, have been for 10 years. We recently had a briefing on firearms and what's allowed in AZ (carrying in public etc...) Our Battalion Commander doesn't know the laws and he doesn't care. He just wants his Soldiers to stop carrying thier guns into bars and other places where its forbidden. He then said something like "just don't carry a gun in public at all". Um wrong...

I bring this up as an example. Commanders in the military (especially Generals) have very broad authority power AND responsibility. Fort Campbell has had some violence (tons of deployments). Whether you're on base or off if a Soldier kills their spouse it's a problem. When a Soldier returns from deployment or when a Soldier is having a hard time, the Army is in his or her business.

My guess, and it's only a guess, is that this is some kind of over reaction to an incident. I highly doubt its apart of some broader conspiracy to document who owns weapons. I'm at Fort Huachuca and this is not happening. Most likely units will be required to document and keep on file who owns weapons. So then when Private Snuffy and his wife are having issues his Commander or whoever can temporarily take his weapons. That is if the unit hasn't lost the paper work...

Things happen for a reason especially things like this. My opinion is its some commanders way of covering his or her ass. Again all of the above is just my opinion...


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Getting back to prospecting! Since you are active duty you should have acess to some good prospecting on base?

Also try the first wash outside of the back gate, you might be surprised, i don't know the claim status, I was there in the 80s when I had a friend stationed there.

They probably don't allow it any more, also are you familar with the cave of gold bars? Found and lost by a SJT Jones, the army helped him dig for it twice, even used army equiptment.


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.....also are you familar with the cave of gold bars? Found and lost by a SJT Jones, the army helped him dig for it twice, even used army equiptment.


Max, I heard of the story many years back and wondered about its true-ism many times, but I thought it ocurred in So. Cal. however, that may be my CRS entering the picture. :laught16: I love the tales of lost treasures and have also looked into other books regarding symbols etc. When I hunted with my Father in CO many of the aspen trees were marked with very old inscriptions.

Man, you just gotta love the Quest.

I wish I could reverse the current trend of things and get my mind back to those free-wheeling days when I could put more thought and research into matters of the past.....


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