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hi guys, my first time on a forum, hope i get through, my question is i just bought a gold bug 2, mine says fischer m-scope on the side

instead of the large letters GOLD BUG 2. did i get an inferior machine, or is this the way they lable them now. does someone know, thanks...

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Hey bud. My gold bug 2 says gold bug 2. My original gold bug says m scope on it. I dont know maybe all the new machines say m scope now, i hope.

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Here is an explanation of the wording M-Scope.... Also a link to the Fisher M-Scope Gold Bug 2 operating manual that shows you that they are one of the same.......


In 1931, Dr. Gerhard Fisher, an associate of Dr. Albert Einstein, founded Fisher Research Laboratory in a garage behind his home in Palo Alto, California. He began producing the "Metallascope," a rugged, easy-to-use metal detector which soon captivated the imagination of the country, and within a short time, the world. The "Metallascope" was soon nicknamed the M-Scope, and became an accepted standard for all types of electronic metal detection: geologists locate ore, treasure hunters find treasure, utility companies locate buried pipes, lumber mills locate metal inclusions in sawn logs, and law enforcement agencies find abandoned or hidden weapons.


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