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My buddy and I had an opportunity to hit some tailings today with Silver Dog. I didn't find gold in the tailings but I had a great time and learned a great deal. So I just wanted to say thank you to Silver Dog one more time. I really appreciate you taking the time to show us some stuff. Truly it meant a lot.

And Silver Dog you're a maniac on that dang Ranger :WOW:

Awesome day!

Remember if you're heading to Greaterville or anywhere south and don't mind a young fella tagging along, let me know...


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I went out today too. But you have me beat, as I dont know anyone down here. Going out with friends is good and sometimes the best part of the game. I didnt have any luck, but I am out again on Thursday. I grew up fishing, so a good skunking, is ok as long as I have fun doing it right?

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Keep at it guys the more time you spend in the field , things will start to fall into place.

Its great to be able to have other more experienced people with you, but even if you don't you will see and wonder about various things you encounter and then later have the oppertunity to research and/or ask questions about them.

In time your knowledge and self confidence will guide you to exactly what you are trying to achieve.

Starting off in the fields of geoology, and prospecting without any previous or formal background can be very disheartening and confusing.

STICK-TO-IT-TIV-NESS is what seperates the ones who fall by the wayside and lose interest.

Hapy Huntn

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