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Ok this little machine is what I am using this year for nuggets.Ok I have heard enough about the coin machine accept.Sure thats what it is ,thats also what the MXT is. its not a all-gold machine,there for its a coin machine,same with the dfx.Anyways thats not what im getting at.I am cheap,got a good deal on a used machine from a dealer so I dont get ripped off.I maybe should have saved for a gold only machine but I did not this is what I have to work with.I at least bought the 5.75 widescan coil on top of the stock coil.

What is the big differance between a gold bug 1 and a Vaquero.Doesnt seem very much to me.The Vaquero has a disk at least.Does the gold bug have a hot rock reject circuit?Thats one thing the Vaqero does not have and I have all-ready found hot rocks?What is the big diffrance beside operating frequency?The vaquero has all the controls needed to run stable in the gold fields why would it not work as a gold machine?I think this machine suffers abuse from people that have never used it or even seen one before,how could you just say it wont work,really? People use the tiger shark for prospecting and it has a lower operating frequecy?

I am giving it a try this year.If i have no sucess with it I am upgrading next year to a gold bug 2 or gmt.It can be used as backup or for backpacking.I will post any results and let people know if it is really can find gold.I hope it can because the price is great and would let alot fo people that cannot afford a high price machien get inot this hobby.The other machiens are at least double the price,and the garret machien is way 2 outdated,

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Hi Rockpup, I am not sure what frequency the Vaquero runs and of course the better the machine the better your chances. But nearly any detector will find gold if you get the coil over it and it is whthin range of the detector. use your Vaquero and use the time you spend to learn where to swing it. Remember the most important part of the detector is the brain swingin it. Bill, Rob, Chris, Montana, Ron can all find more using your detector than I can with my ML. Getting the experience is as important as the machine. Good luck and have fun.

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BUBBA, if you learn your Vaquero you will find gold, I know of at least 1 person who hunts nuggets in the Bradshaw mts. and does well with only the Vaquero.

Thanks for the encouragement.I know it will take patient and I hope to have enough.I have tried all-metal hunting with it to get some expiernce.I need better headphones.I have a pair of 60ohm phones and can really tell the diffreance between a 8 ohm pair.I will not give up on my little machine.I will have to force myself to get away from my coin shooting habits.I love my spectrum if it was dfx I would be so happy.

I am saving for a GB2 it sounds like the best machine for small gold.I dont know how well the LBS is for small gold,that might be a option for me because I can use my vaquero coils on it.

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I think maybe the Lobo St is in order.I can swap coils with the vaquero.

A freind has black widow headphones swears by them, do they not have damper circuit?I think the rat phones for the price are just as good or not better with no limitor/dampner circuits.

Just wondering if the lobo is good on small gold?

I really dont want a whites machine they are too easy to break.

I like the Vaquero its light small easy to use.So what if I have to ground balance,some people swear by a manual gb.

I think using the Vaquero will force me to learn everything about gold nugget detecting or I will really not find anything.

With a good set of headphones and in the right spots I will find gold with it.

I have to find enough gold to buy a Lobo st,that will be my motivation.

Plus my freinds can use the Vaquero after I get the Lobo St still gives me the edge over them lol.

Plus there not completly wasting there time like trying to use my eagle spectrum.

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I have the LoBo :icon_mrgreen: ST, and yes it will find small gold. It also has a good amount fo coils

that you can buy for it.... AZ

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I just bought a refurbished GMT with a 2 yr warranty from Whites. I got the Detector and a new pick for $ 525.00 . I got great service. Ordered it on Monday, and received it on Wed.. You might give this Guy a call when you are ready . Trans Bay Metal Detectors . Greg Moscini a Ex-Cop and a good Guy. His # is 650-574-2012 work, and 650-346-2848 cell. E-mail au4greg@sbcgiobal.net. Good luck Silver Dog

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I just received my one detector back from whites.It never worked.Haha I hunted for 20 minutes ,with it twitching out and such,thinking it was just chatter.Oh no,what,I had to wait 2 weeks pay around $100 and it still does not work?Not happy at all with whites,they will not answer my 3 emails I sent.

Its a good thing I took electronics classes in high school.If i had the parts I would have just fixed it myself.It had a blown pre-amp circuit,that might have been tricky to track down.They managed to fix that right.The problem was the coil plug,they replaced it and got there 10 year old kid to soilder it in.It was the worst,coldest soilder joints I ever seen.I reheated the connections and now it works.

I will not be buying a whites machine in the future.I treat my machines like gold,for it to break down in the first place was not cool.You could not ask for better treatment as my detectors receive.I cant afford to have my machine break down when Im in the middle of the mountains.

This vaquero looks like it would do alot better in the bush than the whites would.I could really cover it up if I had 2,so small.

Lifetime warrenty,at least I only pay shipping on @#%# workman ship.

BOO White's you suck!

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